We find your software's pirated links and help you in deactivating them to make you more profitable.
Our spiders police the web 24x7 for your pirated software.
Find where your software is being pirated. Serve DMCA.
Protect your software from piracy. Get more sales!

Don't let pirates drive YOU out of business!

Online piracy is the biggest reason why software vendors do not reap the profits they deserve. This trend is even more lethal now with sites like rapidshare.com, filepost.com, hotfile.com etc., where most of online piracy happens today.

Till now there was no way to fight this, but Spotpiracy makes it possible now to track down your pirated software links so that you can fight back with a DMCA.

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We help you fight the biggest threat to your business

It is easier to pirate software than ever
Websites like Rapidshare and Filepost have made pirated software accessible so easily (no need to install special software, and totally anonymous), that they have caused more revenue losses than any past piracy method according to many estimates.
Piracy Makes Software Unprofitable
When users who would otherwise pay are able to quickly find and download proprietary software from the Internet, why would they want to pay? Online piracy is your biggest enemy that's taking your paying customers away.
DMCA Takedown Notice is Your Weapon in This Fight
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) lets you file an easy online notice which the warez websites must comply with. If you file DMCAs on your pirated software in time, you can make online piracy through this manner almost non-existent.
SpotPiracy Helps You Stay Ahead of Pirates
There is no way you can keep an eye on all the piracy websites, forums and links and manage your business at the same time. Spotpiracy.com does that for you. Keeping an eye on online piracy of your software so that you can file DMCA quickly.
30 day money back guarantee!

How Spotpiracy works

1 You give Spotpiracy your software's name, nickname and keywords.

2 We start scanning piracy forums, search engines, etc for your software and its keywords 24x7

3 As soon as we find a suspect file or link we send you an email, and update your admin console.

4 You verify the link, and then send the DMCA Takedown Notice to get it removed.

Protecting your software from online piracy is a simple 4-step process with Spotpiracy. Pirated links are typically removed within 24 hours of your filing a DMCA, after which they are nothing but free advertising for you.

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