Staying Secure Online - Practical Tips

With years, the topic of online security has been growing in urgency and importance. Now more than ever, people need to pay a lot of attention to their online presence and use of various gadgets and technologies. Mankind entrusts almost all valuable information to their computers. Though, too often, most people aren't even aware of the basic rules of safety and security on the internet. This is why we have prepared a brief guide on practical tips for staying secure online. We hope you'll take a lesson or two from reading this article.

Passwords. The keys to your world

Let's start with the most obvious one. Passwords. You need to be smarter about them! With time, we start to treat passwords like some annoying formality that stands between you and the things you need. It is not exactly the case. Passwords are there to make your presence online much safer. We usually prefer keeping our passwords simple and easy, so we won't forget. That makes sense, of course. Though such a password will not protect you. You need something complex and unique to keep your security level high. Though, the most common and dangerous mistake is to use a single password for all your sites. You don't need any top essay services to explain to you why it's a bad idea. By doing so, you are basically letting a hacker into all of your accounts just like that.

Network Security

Next to passwords comes the safety of your connection. To secure it, you need to think of two things. The network you are using and the purpose of your online presence. First of all, it is highly recommended not to open any important website when you are on public wi-fi. The network security in such a case is rather low and you are risking all your personal data. If you still need to use public wi-fi, use a VPN application for extra security. Think of it as a type of scamfighter that is there to fend any attacks.

Online presence

Don't click on everything that you see online. Just don't. Should we even say how dangerous it can be? Even if you really want to vote “Yes” on that writing paper sucks online poll - don't. Be smart about your clicking. Trust your intuition. Do not pay attention to any ads or shady banners in a website corner that urges you to click on them. By following any dangerous links you put all your personal information at risk. And for what? Any “too good to be true” offers online are not there to serve you, but scam you. Be sure of that.


A firewall is a barrier between everything that you store in your devices and the outside world. It is your main chance of having a secure internet connection. Especially, a firewall is necessary for those who are not paying too much attention to following the safety requirements we have already described. Without it, your devices are rather vulnerable and can be an easy target for hackers.

To sum up

Overall, to sum up the text above, we urge you to be careful and smart in your digital use. We know that the majority of young people are showing more and more trust in the tech world. Digital devices and various software tend to replace the real world with all its imperfections. There is nothing wrong with that. Just remember, there are many different people behind each application or software that you use. You can trust your smartphone, but are you ready to trust the digital world? There is something to think about for you. Share your personal information with caution and don't forget the ground security rules. Stay safe and healthy!